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Where is Christmas? 

Suppose, a book about liking yourself!

Expressions of Life Poetry for Grown-ups



In my young-at-heart 75 years’ journey, my life tapestry is full of adventure coupled with a grateful heart for all that has transpired.  Born in the South Bronx, New York to Russian Jewish immigrants, I’m a proud first- generation American.  I partially credit my Russian gene pool for my enjoyment of writing.   I escaped the harsh South Bronx streets with a “PhD in Survival” by joining the US Navy where I fortunately discovered the south after overseas assignments. There, I met the love of my life, a brilliant South Carolina beauty queen. I fell instantly in love the day we met. She wore pink! I’m glad I’m persistent! It took me weeks to get the first date.  After 12 years of praying for children, God blessed us through adoption with our South Carolina-born son and later Romanian daughter. They were both infants and blessed our hearts to this day!  I’m convinced that our now adult children have kept us young. We are Baby Boomers with Millennials!   Poetry has given me a lifelong creative outlet during many seasons including the privilege of serving others through my humanitarian professions with World Vision, Mercy Ships, Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, and Youth with A Mission. My travels and humanitarian work have taken me to Central and South America, Romania, Europe, Jordan, Israel and across America.   Now, in active retirement I devote more of my time to writing, publishing, and offering poetry recitals for all ages. My hope is to serve others through words that inspire, encourage, and provoke conversation.

My poetry has appeared in numerous publications including as a finalist in MY SOUTH SPEAKS created by Ted Turner's Turner South, The Georgia Poetry Society, and selection as a Poet in the Schools for the South Carolina Arts Commission. I’ve now published three books: Two children's books, WHERE IS CHRISTMAS? and SUPPOSE (A book about liking yourself)  In my third book, EXPRESSIONS OF LIFE I’ve gathered up poems I’ve written for the last four decades for those who have traveled their own roads of life.  

People have said ...

Many have kindly called me a 

"poet of the people."  Others have said, "Your children's book SUPPOSE reminds me of Dr. Seuss".

"Poetry is the essence of our thoughts and experiences poured onto the empty page taking the hearts and minds of those who read it on the journey beside us."  

Paul Samuels 1976 

My comfort comes from 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

My bride for already 43 years! Arlene Bridges Samuels


Without the love, encouragement, faithful  friendship ,and support of my bride, even my first book would not have made it into print. 

Thank you Arlene!

The love of the Lord and Arlene keep the smile on my face and in my heart!


These poets gave me inspiration and a bit of courage.

James Kavanaugh (1928-2009)   

Rod McKuen 1933-2015 

Bob Dylan  (1941-)  

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Suppose Book

SUPPOSE- A hardcover book about liking yourself


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 SUPPOSE is a rhyming, fun- filled  poem which leads children on a chase to find their snitched noses, plucked ears, and hidden-away smiles snatched by a mischievous clown-kid. The hard cover- filled  with twenty-six vivid color illustrations-adds sparkle at the hands of Linn Trochim who drew famous characters like The Flintstones® & Scooby Doo® for Hanna-Barbera Studios. At the end of the chase, children discover what they are SUPPOSED to do: “Like yourself! And believe God loves you, then you can tell others He loves them too!”    "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" Matthew 19:19  First, we must like ourselves, then share the love.   Amazon or Barnes & Noble:

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Suppose PDF

PDF File to read on your computer or phone


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 I've received notice that my book SUPPOSE has too much color to be processed as an e-book. So I've decided to let the 26 color illustrations created by Linn Trochim, former illustrator for Hanna-Barbera's Hollywood Studios, The Flintstones®and Scooby Doo®. shine anyway via a PDF!   Order here for your children and grandchildren and enjoy together!  Have fun snitching a nose, plucking a smile. and watching their faces light up with giggles and smiles. 

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Expressions of Life


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 We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes words can paint a thousand pictures.  I hope you’ll find that to be true in EXPRESSIONS OF LIFE. If you are like me, I find great comfort in knowing how others deal with their life tragedies and turn them into valuable life experiences for themselves and others. When we face rough times, we have a tendency to feel totally isolated in our suffering thinking no one else understands. That’s why knowing how others face life’s challenges-and experience life’s joys- is helpful and hopeful. Family and friends have encouraged me to put my poems together in book form. They haven’t anointed me as a “Great Literary Poet” but rather a “People’s Poet” who can identify with life’s experiences without the usual backdrop of academia. It is my earnest hope that on each page you will encounter insight, comfort, joy, peace and- perhaps help- to walk with your head held a little higher and your steps a little lighter on your life’s journey of emotions.



Where is Christmas?

Where is Christmas? Adventure Chapter Book


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After falling into a snow drift, Woody Squirrel overhears two People-Kids talking about Christmas. Excitedly, he scampers into an adventure to find the treasure,  presents,and food under a tree of colorful lights. He rounds up his forest friends for the treasure search. All is well until "Phew Skunk" sneaks up and sets off a firestorm of arguments among the once-happy gang. Their loud voices wake up Wise Old Owl who helps them discover that Christmas is not a WHERE but a "WHOOOOO." Ideal age is first to fifth grades but younger children have enjoyed the illustrations and learning about the WHO of Christmas too. See reviews at Amazon: 

Some Comments from Amazon Customers


 A Wonderful Children's Book About Self-Esteem! By Scott K. Format: Hardcover|Verified Purchase My wife and I made it a priority to read to our three sons when they were growing up. Now we are grandparents. We still have boxes of children's books stored away in our home with plans to read them again to our grandchildren. I purchased Paul's book to share with our six-year-old grandson. We recently sat down together and took turns reading the book. He loved it! One thing I learned when our kids were young was you can't fool them. If you share a poorly written book, they pick up on that. The story has to pull them in. It's no different for adults. It's also true that a well illustrated children's book is like icing on the cake when it fits right in with the narrative. Paul's book succeeds at both levels. The story is so pertinent and the illustrations accentuate the story perfectly. The best part, in my opinion, is Paul's book draws attention to God. Children will not hear about God's love for them in public schools. It's up to us, their parents. Pick up this book! I highly recommend it.  


  "Good books have a way of increasing the joy and health in families. I hope that our books, in the Sears' Parenting Library, have done that; and I know that this delightful book by Paul Samuels will. As a mother of eight and grandmother of eight, I love seeing the faces of my grandchildren when I read WHERE IS CHRISTMAS? With them. The People-Kids and Woody Squirrel paint a fresh new way of seeing Christmas and its meaning. Paul's book will give you many precious moments this like this to enjoy with the children in your life" 


"Reading to a four-year-old granddaughter is a delight every "Pops" should experience, and my experience just got better by reading "Where is Christmas." Paul Samuels has captured the innocent delight of Christmas through the eyes of a child and speaks it through the hearts of a delightful trove of forest critters! Telling the story of the SEARCH for Christmas makes for an adventure of childhood proportion that ends at the feet of a newborn Savior. This quest will become a new Christmas tradition in our family." --Ray Snyder, Author of The Business of Families, Senior Consulting Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies


Comments from Amazon

   Truly Touched By Emily Cohen on  Format: Paperback Paul Samuel's poetry is amazingly heart felt. I laughed and cried. I could not stop reading, rereading, and reading again. His words made me feel as if I was there experiencing who and what he was writing about. Amazing! I can't wait to share these poems with my family and friends.     


Lucia Gorea  

Format: Paperback 

Paul's poems are the beauty of his soul. They resonate with the reader and have a touch of cleansing power that rejuvenates emotions and releases all apprehensions of unfulfilled dreams and expectations. His poems are a revelatory personal experience, a wonderful journey to the core of the heart, where he gently and skillfully invites the reader to penetrate. Intense and poignant, his poems make a clear statement.  

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 During the 1970's Arlene and I created a line of greeting cards which we sold in College and Christian book stores. Both color and parchment tones. We retired the line to Zazzle calling them "Retro Cards."  If you have any interest in seeing them and/or purchasing please visit


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Where is Christmas? is a perfect gift for young minds to learn the truth of Christmas through the adventures of Woody Squirrel and his forest friends.

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