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Thoughts of God





In six days He did the deed,

working out of joy, not out of need.


A place in the sun was the way it was begun,

just a man and a woman and a world of fun.

To eat and to drink, to love and to pray

Oh, doesn’t it sound like a wonderful

way to spend the day?


What would you think that we must do

for the right to  live this way?

Would you believe, just one simple rule

is all we must obey?


From the tree of knowledge,

 the fruit we must not eat.

Such a simple rule we did not keep.


The serpent came and deceived us one night.

From the forbidden fruit we were lured to bite,

From that moment on, we’ve known wrong from right.

And moved into darkness from the Light


On our own, we drifted about.

Filled with sadness, filled with doubt,

We built a world from God apart,

yet longing to have him in our heart.


We now ache for what was meant to be

for the simple life beneath that tree.

Walking in the garden, hearing His voice,

As if we’d never made that terrible choice.







I came here this morning just before dawn

to sit quietly in the park.

The sounds of people usually about

were nowhere to be heard


 the only sound that broke the quiet

was the chirping of a bird 


Surrounded by the works of God

I sat beneath a tree and the hassles of

everyday life no longer affected me

for I let my mind go free


There was no decision that I came to make

only of peace and quiet did I wish to partake


Sitting there beneath that tree

I felt His presence near to me

“My Lord,” I said “Are you here with me?”

and the first ray of the sun broke through the trees


The sounds of birds were suddenly there

and hundreds of them filled the air


What was left of the dark

was consumed by the light

and my soul felt as if

it too was taking flight



I searched for God at the shore of the sea
but, His presence was hidden from me.
I could really see that the ocean was His
but, it was obvious that it was not where He lives.

I sought to find Him in the blue skies above
but, while they were pretty, I could not feel His love.
Oh, I could see that they were painted by Him.
But I could not find Him dwelling within.

I walked in the woods among the trees and the birds
but, still not a sound from Him could be heard.
there was no doubt that this was His creation
but, it was not the place of His habitation.

I looked to the night sky full to the brim
but, still it gave me no direction to Him.
The jewels above were surely His own
but, it was obvious this was not His home.

I began to think we would always remain apart
then someone shared how to have Him in my heart.
someone told me about Calvary
and how this Messiah Jesus died for me.

I fell to my knees and called out His name.
He came to me and washed away my shame.
Now I no longer search for Him
for now at last, He dwells within.




Good Shabbat 10/9/2006

Bricks and mortar, beams and tresses,
nails and screws, wood and sheetrock,
paint and plaster, chandeliers and painted glass
a building, but not an ordinary one
A single large room, glowing white
long seats and a balcony above

A gathering place for people with a purpose
not a grand theatre with actors on the screen
but rather a stage, with sacred performers
performing for an audience of One

G-d looks down, a smile of pleasure on His face
“It's Shabbat,” He says to an audience of Angels.
“See they remember, they gather before Me again.

It's not quite time but now they gather and settle in
Look, the children laugh and play in the pews
the mothers greet and smile, all understanding
each other's process to settle the children down.

They are here, from newborn to almost with Me
a simple guitar, a call to the Shma, I love their song
I love their prayers, the prayers of my people, yes
My chosen ones remembering, remembering Me!

See the scrolls how carefully they handle them
as if they were carrying Me in their arms
I feel their love, their commitment –it's so good
And each week on Shabbat it does not get old

The prayers, the silent sitting in My presence
the cares of the week slipping away as they enter My rest
they need this- I love giving it to them-My rest
My people-My chosen people

The scrolls come down the aisle back to shelter
they reach out and kiss and carefully, softly touch
they don't know I can feel the kisses and relish their touch
final smiles-prayers and praises –

Hugs and chatter, now “good Sabbaths” all around
yes, it is good and now food will follow
their spirits are calm, their appetites awake
My people are in My rest…Good Shabbat”




You were a baby,
crawling, gurgling, drooling,
the Creator of sound itself

unable to utter a word.

You were a toddler,
learning to walk, touching everything you could,
experiencing with human hands

all that You created.

You were a teenager,
what a sight You must have been

sitting there with the Rabbis
talking about the words You wrote.

You were a man,
working in the carpenter shop with dad,

making chairs, tables, cabinets.
Then suddenly,

You put down your tools, kissed mother good‑bye

and went to the Jordan,

where John baptized you, and Father affirmed Your call.

You were a Rabbi,
at thirty, a teacher, healer, a lover of the unlovable,

calling those whom You created
to walk with God the Father

in relationship rather than a rulebook.

You were obedient,
fulfilling the scripture You wrote, as they shed Your blood.
But then, at the end, it was not man's, "I'll get even,"

but, "Father, forgive them."

You were dead,
they pulled your limp body from the cross.

How frail you seemed, only three hours,

so little time to kill the greatest Man to ever live.
Filled with tears and not understanding,
those who loved You, carried You to the tomb.

You didn't stay there,
You conquered death.

Three hours to die, three days dead

and then victory!
You returned!

bringing us the gift of eternity.

You live,

high and lifted up, at the Father's side,

and in the hearts of all of us who believe.
You are My Messiah! 









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Did you know that children were mentioned 1689 times in the old and New Testament?


LUKE 18:15/16  People were also bringing babies to Jesus to have him touch them. When the disciples saw this, they rebuked them. But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.


Lead me to Him ©2010 Paul Samuels


Our parents brought us to Him to be hugged

But His disciples tried to stop us.

The Lord said let us come to Him.

He even said we were the Kingdom of God.


From that time on His disciples brought us to Him

Wherever He went His disciples called to our parents

bring your children now to see the Lord

And He hugged each and every one of us.


Oh His touch, it was like nothing else

we were so free and open to receive it

we were protected by the disciples

no one in the crowds could stop us.


But now the times have changed

His disciples have all gone home with Him

And there is an enemy working daily to distract us

lack of opportunity has decreased our desire to know Him


However, some of us have been praying since we heard about you

We hear you are His modern disciples and you care about us.

They tell us you will part the crowds for us

That you will chase away the distractions


Is it true that you have created some fun ways,

that will help us to learn about Him?

Is it true that you give up your time to be His new disciples;

and once again make a way through the crowd?


We talk often about what the Lord said,

that we are the kingdom of God.

We have so much to learn and grow

Thank you for loving us and teaching us what we must know.  



Royal Marshall
WSB Radio Atlanta

Saturday Jan 15, 2011

Producer and Often Co-Host of Neal Bortz



Royal Marshal is dead

and the world may never forget his name.

Today another man has

returned from whence he


Royal is in your presence Lord.


He needs no words of


 prayer from us,

bid him hello my Lord


Now those of us he left




we ask, my Lord, Be kind.


Help us forget any


 memories of

Pain, help us smile

At the mention of Royal’s name 

Grant to us the strength

to find the peace that lies

beneath the pain


of a love we will miss


And help us Lord to keep


 Royal alive


in our memories of him


help his girls and bride to


 rest in the fact


that he is waiting


for them when


they too return to you.



Your word says there is a


 time for every purpose


 under heaven


a time to be born and a


 time to die.


May these words bring


 comfort to his girls and


 bride knowing that


Royal’s home bound trip

                                                  was indeed


of you


and that


you gave him

                                       the no pain


express line




Reflections on Family



I wonder if you'll remember my son...
the times we stayed in bed and played
and played and played and played
when your giggles seemed to fill the room

I wonder if you'll remember my son...
the walking and talking
when you just listed to my voice
and smiled at every word

I wonder if you'll remember my son...
being thrown into the air
putting your little shoes into my big pair
and staring around with a grin

I wonder if you'll remember my son...
A,B,C, cards, speedy little cars,
building blocks, your stuffed zoo,
picture books, cuckoo clocks
each producing their own special smile
from you.

I wonder if you'll remember my son...
all the cities & countries we traveled through
always managing to find something special for you
and everything seemed to produce a laugh

I wonder if you'll remember my son...
but I know I always will

For Chad Age 2
April 22, 1990
Lausanne, Switzerland

Parent to Person

Monday, February 21, 2005
Sleeping Child

I see you as you are Grown though you may be
But you'll always be my child Within my memory

Although I find at times, It's hard to communicate
Let me share these words Before it's too late

For your precious life You owe nothing to me
As that was given to you By the Lord of eternity

You owe me nothing that I don't earn
Yet as your parent your love and respect I yearn

But feel not as though all My desires you must fulfill
For you have your own life to live This is within God's will

I simply want to take the time To make this understood
Of all the things within my life That caused me to feel good
Nothing is more rewarding Than you and parenthood!

For My Eldest Son, Paul 1974 

Our Gift from Romania

You were born in Romania fourteen years ago today,
unaware that we were coming to take you away.
Years before we started praying for you
not knowing who you were, or what we had to do

You were born to a young woman who lived in despair
but knowing she wanted to get you out of there.
Her heart was full of love for you
she too not knowing what to do.

All she could do was to give life to you
and for twenty-eight days she did the best she could do
Then she wrapped you in borrowed cloth of white
and started off to Arad in the middle of the night.

In a smoke filled court hallway she found your new mother
as she looked into the smiling face of your big brother.
A mother and father, and a big brother too
she knew that sending you to America was the best she could do.

You can't imagine the scene that day

two mothers crying, as we carried you away.
One mother's tears of joy at last,
the other knowing she'd done right that day

One day we will all return to thank Dorina
and to show her that she did right
As she looks upon her birth daughter
so beautiful and bright.

Through an interpreter
we shall share with her about you
And how your being in our life
was a dream come true.

Whether birth mother or not
our children are on loan
They belong to God
until He takes them home.

You mother and I and I know Chad too
are ever so grateful
That God gave us you.

We love you Gloria Grace! Happy Birthday!  April 2005


You couldn't fall asleep in my arms like other children do
and I wasn't there to help you with what you learned
in school.  And there were many days when by your side you
wanted me and I guess it seemed to you that there was
someplace else I'd rather be.

Sometimes when we make a choice we don't get all we want
if it could've been a reality you'd have spent more time with me.
When two people get a divorce no matter whose at fault
or even if there's none it's still the child who loses out
on days of love and fun.

But too late my child— for many days I do recall the aches and pains
within from wanting just to hold you child like I had once before
I'd even considered going back and living a lie for you but I knew that
just couldn't and wouldn't do.

And now the years have passed both of us must know
that I had chosen the only way I felt was right to go.
But here we are two adults with decisions we must choose
we have a chance to catch up on the love we both had to lose.

Come try to understand me let me learn of you
let us share together the love we are both due. 

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Problems And Freedoms: Yours, Mine, and Others


Two Views from the foot of the 59th Street Bridge 

She is elegant in her long flowing gown

An appropriate color for royalty…purple. 

Silver haired, survivor of many years i in

A man's world, back before “the changes.”

She too has come “a long way, baby.” 

On the ground floor of a high rise,

High priced Fifty Ninth Street East 

Sitting at a fine wood table

In front of the window

Daintily eating wheat toast & strawberries

Drinking coffee and wondering

IF she had room for

Orange juice 

Glancing through her Wall Street Journal

She is oblivious of me at the foot of the bridge

 Or the woman below the bridge

Who had come a long way on another road 

Now encamped in a cardboard box,

With all her belongings in a shopping cart

Robed in rags, too dirty to tell their color

Her hair, also silver, but not quite so bright 

Sitting on the concrete

Leaning against a wire mesh fence

Scavenging through some food scraps

Which she lifted out of a Deli garbage can

Muttering something about

Giving her right arm for

A glass of orange juice


New York City 5/25/1986




He's 6 feet four at least. Still wiry and able to move about swiftly.
Years ago he was probably an all star on his high school basketball team
But the crowds were gone‑the cheers only foggy memories
which he recalls whenever he passes a store window
that has a TV showing basketball

He staggers, in a reality of his own,
with palm outstretched, from person to person,
 receiving not a cent.
 At Fifty First and Fifth, he corners two women
overdressed for the morning,

waiting for the traffic light to change.
 He shows them his longest saddest face,
with palm shakily outstretched.
One stares at the traffic light,
as if her eyes could somehow make it move

swiftly through its cycle.

The other stares at him.
Her eyes cold and her head moving firmly

from side to side.
 Finally green ‑ and WALK ‑ They move on.
He stands there watching as they cross the street,
scratching his head, wondering

how they could have resisted his best lines.
Suddenly he shrugged his shoulders,
turns and in the early morning daylight
urinates on The Bank Of Ireland.

New York City 5/25/1986


Men Don't Cry 

I need the relief
the desired, required
demanded relief
which only tears
can bring
building inside
of me 

My pulse is racing
my heart pounding
my breathing shallow
and swift 
and all at once
I am still
As men don't cry”
echoes in my mind 
Perhaps, next time



SPOONS  (1979)

I found three of your spoons tonight
while I was washing dishes from the first
real meal I've cooked since you left.

I thought I really wanted to be alone
until your spoons reminded me of
how we both used to call this place home.

I wanted to call you up and invite you over

but I was afraid of your “No
and I didn't want to take advantage of your “Yes.”

So I just washed your spoons
half a dozen
or so.



Today another poet is dead
and the world may never
Know his name.
Today another man has
returned from whence he came.

My friend is in your presence Lord.

He needs no words of prayer from me,
bid him hello my Lord


Now those of us he left behind

we ask, my Lord, Be kind.

Help us forget any memories of
Pain, help us smile
At the mention of his name 

Grant to us the strength
to find the peace that lies
beneath the pain

of a love we will miss

And help us, Lord
to help him finish the spreading
of Your words through him.
Help us, Lord, to spread his name
for the glory of Your fame
my Lord,
for the glory of
Your fame. 

For my friend Jim Jackson
Hilton Head Island, SC

gone home June 2, 1977 


There comes a time
in most everyone’s life
when too many problems
they must face.
It is then
that the world can seem
like a horrible, horrible place.
The beauty of the world,
the light of the sun,
from your life
they seem to have run.
You see no beauty
out of your window
You have nowhere to go
outside your door
life itself
has no meaning
any more

You tell yourself
that there are others
who are much
worse off than you,
but still
you don’t know
what to do.
The pills or the gun
in your drawer
are a powerful lure,
and part of you
says it’s the cure.
But you think of
the lives
dependent on you,
and you know
that’s not the thing to do. 
You lay your body
upon the bed,
You close your eyes,
but you can’t clear your head,
And the last
conscious thought
that you can recall
Is, dear God,
let me find
an answer
or the strength
to deal with it all.

Living with Bi-Polar


My eyes open, daylight surrounds my body, but my mind is in darkness. My emotions, my spirit, my will are all enveloped in this darkness. It is a strange darkness but I am not a stranger to it. I start most days here.

I am closed in, cannot, will not, and don't even want to try to escape this darkness. My only regret in these moments is that I can feel it and I want only not to. I feel that I am in a coffin deep underground and the daylight cannot reach me.

My physical self arises reluctantly, climbs into clothing, and tries to kick start the day. I hear my soul mate attempt to reassure me as we take our morning walk. “You can't help that you are bi-polar. Let's look at the positive in our lives.”

We talk about being able to walk, not having physical pain, the highlights of our life, her gratefulness for our 30 years of marriage and her appreciation of my companionship.  My spirit begins to lift but is unable to push through the lid of the coffin.

“Help me,” my spirit cries out to awaken my will, “Help me out of here!” Without thinking, acting in response to the cry, my will pushes the coffin top off. The flow of dirt surrounds me, emotions cry out “Leave me alone, and let me be.”

Holding my hand, my love leads me in a little song I wrote long ago.
“In the name of Jesus, I declare that I am free.
In the name of Jesus, there are no holds on me, I am free, I am free, I am free.” I join her and we sing it over and over and over, until I feel my will say  "no” to emotions.

Will begins the climb, digging up, spirit joins in the song, & emotions want no part of it. Breaking to the surface, will decides to go for the day, spirit is smiling and soaring. Emotions want to crawl back in the hole, cover up and just be left alone.

I will myself into activity. I force my emotions to pay attention to “It's not about me." Emotions scream out “It is! It is! It is! I have nothing to enter this day for.” But will and Spirit continue on until emotions either join in or just quietly endure.
And I am free to live another day in the sunshine of life.

That is what it was like before medication. I thank God for a proper diagnosis and treatment. I encourage you if your day begins like mine did get treatment and Freedom!


 Good Shabbat 10/9/2006




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Expressions of Love & Friendship



Privacy Sweet Privacy

It's so good to be alone!
Free to think a thousand different thoughts,
Instantly understood,
and not have to verbalize a single one.

Privacy, Sweet Privacy!

Free to hear...
a bird sing, the ocean flow,
the beat of my heart, and silence.

Privacy, Sweet Privacy!

Free to feel...
the coolness of wind blowing through my fingers,
to notice the ever changing scents of the air I
breathe, and to fulfill my every need.

Privacy, Sweet Privacy!

Free to...
take a walk, jog, go to a movie, pray,
read a book, watch TV., and to just think of me

Privacy, Sweet Privacy!

If I take too much, I lose you,
too little and I lose sight of me.
It's so nice to be involved with someone
who is secure enough
so that both of us are free,

free to enjoy our

Privacy, Sweet Privacy!

It's so good to be alone!

©1978 Paul Samuels
(Dedicated to ABS)



We stood ben


Love is a peace that comes!..

from conversation in which we relate

all we have to say and know we are being heard


from security in the knowledge that we are

being ourselves and accepted for who we are


from understanding that we are individuals and

it is impossible to be everything to each other


from growth which is allowed to occur

at our own speed


from passion which is encouraged to

occur naturally with no resentment if it doesn't


from gentleness in a world where

gentleness, to often is unimportant


from commitment to each other as friends

and lovers today and all of our tomorrow,

Love is a peace that comes!

eath a full moon's sky
looking out at reflections
on an ocean reaching for shore.
my love and I

She said

"one day, I'd like to paint this beauty I see,

one day when I've time,”
said she.

"Perhaps,” I said
"we can spend our  last days together painting
our individual ways and…”

and she pulled me close and shed her happy tears,

"No one ever said they wanted to grow old with me
Thank you.”



I did the dishes again today,
just an ordinary task in an ordinary home,
where I don't live alone.

The plates held food, which nourished you
the glasses, wine at dinner time
the silver was once in your hand
I think I trembled as I placed then in the stand

Your lipstick was still on the coffee cup
I guess it's soiled but it did not seem so as I held it up
The shape of your lips in Ruby Red
My heart was full just knowing you were in our bed

Just little things I do to show my love,
your reaction to them is a blessing from above
One would think I'd fulfilled some great need
by the way you smile, giggle and squeal at my deed

You'll wake up long after I depart,
but I know you'll not miss the work of my heart.
Yes the dishes are done, the oven is clean,
I can see the smile on the face of my beauty queen

32 years, I can't believe it's been that long
Yet when you walk into a room my heart still sings a song.
Sure there are days that I'm not aware
of your beautiful smile and your lovely hair, but they are rare.

They are days when I'm in a rush with work and other such things
and I leave no signs to show my love still sings
But my love, let these ordinary tasks in our ordinary home
be little signs of my love which say, you don't live here alone.

 For my ABS



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